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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspiration: Corner Bookmarks

   Last night, I was exploring tumblr and I came across a post with this cute little monster bookmark.  I clicked on the link to the tutorial and fell in love with these little guys.  (Check out this girl's etsy shop while you're at it!)
   Inspired, I immediately began making some myself.  But instead of monsters, I started out making pink girly ones.

    I was really impressed by how easy these are to make, although the heart was a little bit more difficult.  I could definitely sell these in sets of two (or more!)  They would be great as bible bookmarks or a cute little gift for anyone who loves to read.

   I used AC Specialty Paper, which is this awesome textured cardstock that comes in a variety of colors.  It's great for projects like these because it's thicker and more durable than just regular construction paper.


    I decided to try to make my own little monsters too, and they turned out looking like little pacman characters!  I just love them, and I'm sure my nephew will too.

    They'd be especially great for kid books, such as Shel Silverstein's "Falling Up" shown here, as well as any books involving monsters or other make-believe creatures.


   I used an x-acto knife for the more difficult cutting, for example, the butterfly and the teeth.  And I used scissors for the eyes because they are more efficient for creating curves.  The end result:  four cute creations!


  1. These are lovely! I'm so pleased you like the idea and are giving it a try yourself. That textured cardstock is fantastic.


  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I've been looking around trying to get inspiration for designs other than monsters =)